Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) young individual playing and fish feeding over frozen surface of the river in Kajaani, Finland, in winter at minus 37C (controlled conditions)Ice crystals from humidity condensation forming outside a window glass under extremely cold temperatures, Kuhmo, FinlandFog from river stream and humidity condensation instantly freezing due to extreme low temperatures on branches of the nearby trees, Kuhmo, FinlandBacklit foggy forest views in the boreal forest near Kuhmo, Finalnd, at sunset in FebruarySunlit details on the low vegetation covered by thick snow layer in winter, Oulanka, Kuusamo, FinlandCouple of European Beeeaters (Merops apiaster) perched in the surroundings of the nest in breeding season, SpainBeech trees (Fagus sylvatica) in the mist, Montseny nature reserve, Spain. This is the Southernmost Beech forest in Europe.Subadult Lagermeier (Gypaetus barbatus) flying at a necrophagous bird feeding station, SpainWalker's and dog footprints in the sand at a recently machine-cleaned beach, SpainHighly enlarged view of a text link to a www webpage on a computer screen showing additive formation of colors via 3 RGB switchable photodiodes per each pixel.Slate metamorphic rock eroded by the action of the waves and stones in a beach, NorwayScandinavian Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) cattle looking for some food in winter under the snow, Tromso area, NorwayEurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) in winter fur over snow and under snowfall, controlled conditions, NorwayWolverine (Gulo gulo) in winter, running on snow and under snowfall, controlled conditions, NorwayEurasian Wolves (Canis lupus lupus) in winter fur, under snowfall in controlled conditions, NorwayArctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus) in winter white creamy fur, under snowfall and in controlled conditions, NorwayBranchipus schaefferi is a Crustacean appearing in European meadows claywaterAedes triseriatus mosquito female biting on human skinBed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) an emerging pest species, on an embroidered bed sheet, SpainDistorted view of a young forest of Scots Pine, SpainAphanius iberus swimming in the vicinity of mosquito larvae potential preys (Culex pipiens). This is a mosquito larvivorous fish species presently endangered in the Mediterranean since the introduction of the American mosquitofish (Gambusia spp.) in early XXth century, which harms the autochtonous species.Night view of the Monastery of Santes Creus, SpainSingle black mouse integrated in a group of human-like white miceOne of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Gullfoss (Golden waterfall)One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Gullfoss (Golden waterfall)Dyrhólaey promontory on the Atlantic ocean, IcelandCrystal-clear ice stalagmites in the Leidarandi lava tube, IcelandWheat (Triticum vulgare) field in spring, SpainDusty trail photographed by night at the lights of a car, SpainSparse, steppe-specific vegetation on  clay-only subdesertic area of the natural park of Bardenas Reales de Navarra, Navarre, SpainCreviced ground and salty remains on clay-only area of the natural park of Bardenas Reales de Navarra, Navarre, SpainLong exposure taken in the natural area of Bardenas Reales of Navarre, Spain. This is a semnidesertic clay region eroded by rain and winds. The  natural monument in the image center is named Castildetierra. All stars seem to rotate around the Polar star which is always located at North in the Northern hemisphere.